PANOLIN partners several players in sport and the environment. The outstanding achievements of these athletes and our sponsoring partnerships of many years are a source of great pride.


Giulia Steingruber

We are proud to have Giulia Steingruber, Swiss gymnast and Olympic bronze medal winner, as our brand ambassador for 2015/2016.

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Interview with Giulia Steingruber (page 22)


Mauro Calamia

Mauro Calamia is a member of  Swiss Team, Balerna (Ticino), and races successfully in the GT4 European Series championship.

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Racing Team Freudenberg

PANOLIN sponsors Team Freudenberg with drivers Luca Grünwald and Tim Georgi.

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Hockey Club Davos

HC Davos has been one of the leading ice hockey teams for years. PANOLIN places perimeter advertisements at the team's Vaillant Arena in Davos.


Kloten Flyers

Kloten Flyers, the high-flying Zurich ice hockey team, delight many spectators with their skills. PANOLIN is present in the SWISS Arena with perimeter advertizing.


Environment Arena in Spreitenbach

PANOLIN has had a "World of Oil" exhibition at the Environment Arena (Umwelt Arena) since it opened in 2012. We offer visitors a closer look at the following topics:

  • CO2 savings with engine oil
  • Rapidly biodegradable lubricants
  • Particle filters and engine oil

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