PANOLIN ORCON SYNTH E awarded the EU Ecolabel

03. 06. 2013 - As the first hydraulic fluid combining “Biological degradability to OECD 301 B” and “Food grade to NSF H1”, PANOLIN ORCON SYNTH E has been awarded the EU Ecolabel.

First introduced in 2012, PANOLIN ORCON SYNTH E hydraulic fluid combines two previously incompatible properties. It complies not only with the biological degradability required by OECD 301 B, but also with the strict NSF H1 requirements for food industry applications. Combining these two properties had previously been regarded as practically impossible, but the PANOLIN researchers finally managed to integrate Bio und Food Grade compatibility in a single hydraulic fluid. This combination is particularly useful for environmental and food-sensitive applications such as hydropower, agriculture, waterway engineering, etc., where PANOLIN ORCON SYNTH E is already in use.

A new era in hydraulic fluids – a new masterpiece in oil.