ECOMOT 5W/30 granted MAN Euro 6 approval

17. 04. 2014 - PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W/30 has been awarded the new MAN M 3677 approval for Euro 6 engines.

PANOLIN is one of the first oil producers to receive MAN M 3677 approval, a mandatory works standard for all new MAN Euro 6 engines. Thanks to backward-compatibility, PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W/30 also complies with the existing MAN works standards. This greatly simplifies handling.

PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W/30 has the following manufacturer approvals:

- MAN M 3677, M 3477

- MB approval 228.51

- Volvo VDS-4

- Renault VI RLD-3

- Deutz DQC IV-10 LA

- Mack EO-O Premium Plus

Further approvals are upcoming and will soon be announced.

Part of the GREENMACHINE concept

For decades PANOLIN has played an important role in conserving Nature with its environment-considerate products. The PANOLIN GREENMACHINE concept goes a step further by helping to reduce CO2 emissions.
PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W/30 is part of the GREENMACHINE concept. Thanks to its outstanding light-running properties, this modern high-performance engine oil reduces emissions (including CO2). And these light-running properties also reduce fuel consumption. An official fuel-economy engine test confirms that PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W/30 can save more than 0.8% fuel than another SAE 10W/40 viscosity class engine oil.

Never before has a lubricant manufacturer succeeded in formulating a biodegradable engine oil (to OECD international standardized test) also attaining OEM approvals. According to the OECD test, PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W/30 is inherently biodegradable.

With its ACEA E6, E7, E9 and API CJ-4/SN specifications as well as OEM approvals, this engine oil has very wide applications – ranging from construction machinery, buses and all kinds of commercial vehicles, to the heaviest trucks (in compliance with manufacturers' regulations).