New chain sprays for motorcycles and bicycles

04. 06. 2014 - Thanks to numerous inputs from consumers and the racing community, we have further developed our CHAINLUBE product line formulations.

The new "PANOLIN CHAINLUBE" sprays feature the latest base oils and additives. Formulated specifically for motorcycle and bicycle chains, they enable peak  performance according to application and need.

Our further-developed PANOLIN SPEED CHAINLUBE SPRAY has been optimized for street motorcycle use. After intensive tests in practice, this product has now reached commercial maturity. PANOLIN SPEED CHAINLUBE SPRAY features outstanding adhesion properties without attracting road dust and dirt. The stability and durability of this product has also been optimized to ensure consistent lubrication for prolonged periods. PANOLIN SPEED CHAINLUBE SPRAY is available in a 500 ml aerosol can.

PANOLIN BIKE CHAINLUBE PRO SPRAY likewise reached commercial maturity after lengthy testing on bicycle chains. This new technology was developed both for intensive recreational use and for professional cyclists. It ensures a durable lubricant film for optimal chain protection. PANOLIN BIKE CHAINLUBE PRO SPRAY is primarily intended for road use. It is available in 250 ml and 50 ml aerosol cans.

All PANOLIN CHAINLUBE SPRAY cans feature a capillary tube nozzle ideal for precise application on the chain. This saves not only oil, but also cleaning outlay!