Mauro Calamia, WORLD CHAMPION 2014, at the Maserati Trofeo

19. 10. 2014 - Last weekend Mauro Calamia on Maserati became WORLD CHAMPION 2014 in the Maserati Trophy.

So after winning the European championship in July, Mauro has already secured the world cup in Shanghai before his last race this year (12.12.14 in Abu Dhabi).


With 131 points, 44 points more than the runner-up, Mauro led the field uncatchable.

We proudly congratulate our Maserati ace and his entire team!

Mauro Calamia, Maserati Trophy WORLD CHAMPION 2014

Of course with PANOLIN CHAMPION – High End Engine Oil

Congratulations from the whole PANOLIN team!