ADAC CUP: Aichwald with limited success and with a crash

29. 06. 2015 - Only a few days after his successful race in Slovenian championship in Mačkovci, where he scored 2nd place, Klemen Gerčar had a race in German ADAC CUP in Aichwald. But bad luck crossed his plans.

His weekend in Germany began well; he was in top 10 during free practice, but bad luck stroke on Sunday. Even before he reached his starting position, a part of seat fitting broke so his mechanic had to change it. Burt repairs lasted too long so he was too late to take his starting position (he was 10th in his group which means he would started in 20th position. So he started moto 1 from the very edge of a starting line. “I just could not believe it. I had a good feeling on my bike and this happened. 38th starting spot is a big disadvantage on a track like Aichwald so I was not able to gain more positions, I lost quite a lot of time with every overtaking maneuver so I finished in 20th position,” Klemen Gerčar described his first race.

And it was even worse in moto 2. In the opening lap one of the riders fell after a jump and Klemen was already in the air so he was not able to avoid competitor’s bike on the ground and therefore he landed on top of it very hard. “It was quite hard landing; I had no chance to avoid it. I broke my engine’s radiator, also my fingers are baldy scratched, and obviously I somehow got in contact with drive chain. But I injured also my wrist, it still hurts. Due to engine damage I was not able to continue the race. I must say, I am disappointed, but bad luck is something we must accept and expect. I know I still have problems, I simply want too much in every race and this somehow blocks me. But I won’t give up, now I just hope doctor will give me a green light for my wrist so that I will be able to race in Sweden next weekend,” Klemen added.

His next race, if his wrist will allow, will be in Sweden in MXGP championship on July 5th.