PANOLIN Feedback Issue 01/2016 Customer Magazine - Bio Lubricants

26. 05. 2016 - The new customer magazine PANOLIN Feedback shows the stories of our customers.

The first issue of the new customer magazine "PANOLIN Feedback" illuminated impressive success stories of our customers.

The stories show an exciting look behind the scenes and illustrate how economy, technology and environmental protection can be reconciled with our lubricants.

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Dear Readers, for over 60 years, PANOLIN has been a capable and innovative partner in the manufacture and distribution of quality lubricants.
Today, we are active world-wide with our PANOLIN Group of companies. With headquarters in Madetswil near Zurich, Switzerland, 100 percent of the company belongs to the Lämmle family. This ensures our focus on sustainability.

You will encounter the same philosophy later in this publication. Our constant desire for innovation is the driving force behind all that we strive to accomplish. This is evident by the fact that we developed quickly biodegradable lubricants over 30 years ago and have since then brought ground-breaking products to the market. Today, PANOLIN is one of the technological leaders in this line of business around the world. Additionally, due to our status as a family business, we have been an attractive employer for decades. This is certainly one of our secrets to success and a major reason why we are able to compete successfully in the world of lubricants with an extremely competent team.

On page 9, there is a behind the scenes glimpse of our laboratories. Another one of our strengths at PANOLIN is listening. Hence evolved the title of our new company magazine «Feedback», after much consideration. Suppliers who don’t listen to customers and don’t respond to their needs, will disappear from the market eventually.

We felt that our customers needed a forum and have the opportunity to speak up in «Feedback». In this edition, we decided to focus on the BAUMA 2016, Eberhard Bau AG (page 6/7) and Fischer Logistik AG (page 10/11). Read more and see how GREENMACHINE lubricants perform in everyday applications. Also, keep in mind that quickly biodegradable lubricants are important for a company’s overhead and serve the environment. The image on page 3 is a prime example of how important it is to use quickly biodegradable lubricants. 

In this issue, «water» is given special consideration. Hydropower will be expanded considerably in the coming years. The story, on pages 14/15, explains why PANOLIN is an important partner in the field of applications in or around water. On pages 12/13, you can read about why our red drums are available for our customers at many harbors around the world. Ready for a journey over the oceans? The name of our magazine, «Feedback» says it all. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Cordially yours
Patrick Lämmle and Silvan Lämmle