PANOLIN is strengthening its global market presence with PANOLIN UK Ltd

01. 07. 2016 - Worldwide market demand for environmentally acceptable, high performance lubricants has continued to grow in recent years. To continually maintain a high level of service to its growing customer base, the PANOLIN Group has founded PANOLIN UK Ltd., assuring that demand is met.

The PANOLIN Group, with headquarters near Zurich, Switzerland, has announced its intention to strengthen its ever-growing international business with a new subsidiary based near London. PANOLIN UK Ltd will reinforce the market presence of its parent company by directly supplying and supporting the UK and Ireland markets.

PANOLIN CEO, Patrick Laemmle, says “There is joy and challenge at the same time to provide our customers and prospects with PANOLIN’s premier service to meet all of their needs. Our GREENMACHINE and GREENMARINE lines consist of PANOLIN’s most environmentally considerate, high-tech lubricants. These top-tier products not only benefit the environment, but also provide excellent protection for land-based machinery, marine vessels and offshore/sub-sea equipment, providing longer oil drain intervals. The combination of our high quality products and our premier service provides our customers with greater lifetime value.”

The PANOLIN group emerged from PANOLIN AG which was founded in 1949. PANOLIN is a completely independent Swiss lubricants manufacturer that offers long-life, sustainable lubricant technology.