The sustainable concept for offshore and marine applications


  • is PANOLINs new lubricants concept for ships and vessels
  • stands for a ship/vessel, which conserves the environment


  • Synthetic
    longer life span/extended oil drain intervals
    safe lubrication even under very high load
  • Rapidly biodegradable, low toxicity, no bioaccumulation
  • NEW: reduces CO2 emissions thanks to longevity (vs. mineral oil)

PANOLIN GREENMARINE for a greener future

  • Since 30 years PANOLIN ECLs* help to protect the environment
  • Today PANOLIN helps you reduce your carbon footprint
  • PANOLIN ECLs avoid several tons of CO2 emissions from your machinery

*ECLs = Environmentally Considerate Lubricants

PANOLIN ECLs have environment-considerate properties such as:

  • Biodegradability: OECD 301 B/F, > 60 %, 28 days
  • Biodegradability: OECD 306
  • Aquatic toxicity:
    ISO 10523 (Algae)
    ISO 14669 (Crustaceae)
    OECD 201 Algae:
    EC50, European Eco Label requirement > 100 mg/l
    OECD 202 Daphnia:
    EC50, European Eco Label requirement > 100 mg/l
    OECD 203 Fish:
    LC50, European Eco Label requirement > 100 mg/l
    PARCOM Limit Test (Fish)