Designation Product number Visc. Properties/applications Performance grade
BIOGREASE EP 2 72868 Fully synthetic, beige coloured, environment-considerate multipurpose grease with EP additives ensuring excellent load-bearing properties.
Applications: for greasing points on vehicles and earth-moving machinery, water turbine guidevane bearings and screw pumps in sewage treatment plants, etc.
Biodegradability: OECD 301 B; > 60%.

Drum code F, T, K, K15, K5, D1, P 400
–35 °C bis/to/à 120 °C

Airo by TIGIEFFE s.r.l.
Macor Marine.
MMG Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH.
Rolls-Royce Marine AS - Brattvaag Deck Machinery.
CL 60 Spray 59790 Unique biodegradable lubricant spray for universal applications, with food grade properties.Fully synthetic, on saturated ester basis from naturally regenerative resources.
NSF-registered for use in the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries as well as for domestic kitchen use.
Applications: for household, garden, trade and industry.
Biodegradability: OECD 301 B; > 60%.

Drum code SD 100

NSF Kat. H1 Reg/NSF cat. H1 reg/Enrg. NSF cat. H1.
Halal certificate/certificat Halal.
Kosher certificate/certificat Kascher.
COMPOUND 1.5 79545 High-tech lubricating grease with high content of solid lubricant.
Applications: Borers, crushers, open gearwheels on gantry cranes and truck semitrailer bearing plates.

Drum code F, T, K, K15, K5, D1
–10 °C bis/to/à 180 °C
CU-HT GREASE 79390 Lubricating and parting paste containing copper, with outstanding high-temperature and anti-corrosion properties. Prevents seizing and fusion of parts.
Applications: Threads, sparking plugs, brake-shoe pins, exhaust pipe fastenings.

Drum code D
–20 °C bis/to/à 800 °C
EP GREASE 0 70430 Universal beige coloured multipurpose grease.Based on lithium soap.
Applications: for central lubricating systems and gear drives requiring grease lubrication.

Drum code F, T, K, K15, K5, D1
–30 °C bis/to/à 110 °C
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