Value-added services

Service-Offers - Oil Services
PANOLIN offers various service-options. Please also see "Services".

Thanks to our comprehensive stockkeeping, efficient production planning and well-organized distribution system, we respond rapidly and flexibly to all customer requirements. Serving your ongoing needs is our highest priority.

Lubrication plans
Based on a detailed specification drawn up after discussion of your individual needs, we compile a lubrication plan tailored to your vehicle and machine park requirements. This gives you a clear overview, simplifies lubricant stockkeeping, reduces risk of confusion, and optimizes your oil change intervals.

Accessories and equipment
We offer a wide range of product handling and storage equipment, including oil pumps, drum trolleys, collecting pans, oil and grease guns, refractometers, etc.

With KLEENOIL Microfiltration dirt and particles as well as free water are removed from the lubrication system.

Plant tours, personnel training
If you would like to see how PANOLIN lubricants are produced, how our laboratory works, and who the people behind PANOLIN are, just call us - we'll gladly show you round in Madetswil!
Do you need to update your personnel on lubricants technology, applications and handling, safety and disposal? If so, we'll fix a convenient training date for you.