European Eco-Label

Whats stands the European Eco-Label flower for?

Established in 1992, the EU Eco-label "Flower" is a unique certification.

The "Flower" has become a European-wide symbol for products, providing simple and accurate guidance to consumers.

All products bearing the "Flower" have been checked by independent bodies for complying with strict ecological and performance criteria.

Lubricants and the European Eco-Label

While no human activity is completely "environmentally friendly", there are always opportunities to reduce the impact that certain products have upon the environment.

The Eu Eco-Label scheme has therefore drawn up a set of environmental and performance criteria for judging products.

Only if products meet all the criteria can they be awarded the EU Eco-Label.

These environmental criteria will take into account all aspects of a product's life, from its production and use to its eventual disposal (cradle-to-grave approach).

The European Eco-Label and the product category

The AUEU has defined the following criteria for the product category "Lubricants":