Important Facts in a Nutshell

1. Safe technology for tough machine deployment
- Saturated synthetic ester base
- High quality additive package
- Pour point –60°C
- Prevents system deposits and gumming
- Excellent corrosion and wear protection
- Excellent oxidation / ageing stability
- Four to five times longer in-service life compared to mineral oil based hydraulic oils

2. Environmental compatibility – when ecology meets economy
- High biodegradability and low toxicity
- Protection of soil and waters, especially in highly sensitive headwaters and moors
- Legal conditions and environmental regulations are met
- Well-known Eco-Labels and awards
- Extended oil change intervals protect resources
- Use of environmentally considerate lubricants create a positive image

3. Nothing can replace experience
- Over 20 years of practical experience
- Constant basic technology since market introduction
- PANOLIN is the leader in the area of environmentally considerate lubricants
- PANOLIN HLP SYNTH no known scheduled oil change due to «depleted» additives