Performance standards, Eco-Labels

PANOLIN HLP SYNTH is regularly checked for biological degradability in reputed test laboratories, and is probably the most comprehensively certified hydraulic oil on the market today.
- ASTM D-6046-98a: PW1, TW1, TS1
- Biodegradability to OECD 301 B
- Blauer Engel RAL-UZ 79 
   German award for biodegradability and low toxicity
- Czech Eco-Label
- Environment Agency Standards (GB)
- JEA (Japan Environment Association)
- ÖNORM part 5 (A)
- Swedish Standards SS 15 54 34
- Water hazard classifications:
   PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 15 – 32 nwg (VwVwS)
   PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46 – 68 WGK-1 (VwVwS)

Blauer Engel RAL-UZ 79

German award for
- biodegradability
- low toxicity

JEA (Japan Environment Association)

Korea Eco-Label

Czech Eco-Label

Croatian Eco-Label