PANOLIN HLP SYNTH E - Biodegradable hydraulic fluid

Based on saturated esters from natural resources combined with special additives.
Fully synthetic and rapidly biodegradable high-performance hydraulic fluid.


PANOLIN HLP SYNTH E is based on PANOLIN HLP SYNTH's technology.

   ECLs = Environmentally Considerate Lubricants

The PANOLIN HLP SYNTH E base fluid technology is based on 50 % renewable resources. Additionnally a small part of classic saturated esters is included (derived from HLP SYNTH's technology). Special Components and Additives complete this formulation to a powerful biodegradable hydraulic fluid.

                   PANOLIN HLP SYNTH                          PANOLIN HLP SYNTH E


PANOLIN HLP SYNTH E fulfills requirements as in:
- European Eco-Label
- Dutch Vamil Regulations – VROM
- Swedish Standard
- US Bio Preferred