PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 68 with additional approval from ANDRITZ Hydro

Further approval for PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 68: For the use in ESCHER WYSS controllable pitch propeller systems from ANDRITZ Hydro

The Austrian's ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH product line "ESCHER WYSS" is specialized in marine propulsion systems.. PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 68 has passed ANDRITZ Hydro's test procedure and is officially approved as a readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid for ESCHER WYSS controllable-pitch propeller systems from the year of manufacture 2010.

PANOLIN covers the entire lubricant requirements for the marine business and hydropower plants with a wide range of products. Leading manufacturers have tested and approved our oils and greases. Many manufacturers in the marine business as well as hydroelectric power plants rely on the products from Madetswil and fill their hydraulic systems, turbines, generators, weirs, locks, rakes, etc. with PANOLIN lubricants at the factory.

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