Safeguard your Dredging Gearboxes with PANOLIN MARGEAR

Reduce your CO2 Footprint with PANOLIN MARGEAR

PANOLIN has been helping protect the world's oceans for over 30 years. Dredging must be carried out with extreme safety and sensitivity to the environment so the use of safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly lubricants is important.

With the utilization of PANOLIN MARGEAR, customers have the unique opportunity to show a reduction in CO2 emissions over the lifetime of the lubricant compared to the recommended replacement time of mineral-based oil. PANOLIN can readily provide vessel owners with data showing how PANOLIN lubricants can contribute towards their CO2 reduction goals.
Key Environmental Regulations

Vessel owners have come to understand the impact their equipment has on the environment and are seeking to reduce their environmental (CO2 and oil pollution) footprint.

Legislation is also driving the transition to EALs. In US waters, the Vessel General Permit (VGP), which will be replaced by the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA) is in force, and for Arctic regions, the POLAR CODE covers environmental protection matters.

Both technical and sustainability requirements for lubricants are constantly increasing. As a result, environmental requirements and the conditions imposed by manufacturers are also becoming increasingly specific.

Since the early 1990s, PANOLIN continues to meet the requirements of internationally eminent eco-labels and regulations such as EU Eco-Label, Swedish Standard and the US EPA VGP 2013.

What is the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA)?

VIDA is essentially 'updating' VGP (2013) in terms of establishing a framework for the regulation of incidental discharges to the normal operation of vessels sailing in US waters, by providing clarity on terminology. For example, specifically stating that certain deck machinery will require EALs.

After decades of experience, PANOLIN invented GREENDREDGE, a lubricant concept developed by PANOLIN specifically for the dredging industry. With great emphasis on safety, environmental protection, and sustainability in the dredging industry, the use of reliable environmentally friendly lubricants is extremely important. PANOLIN MARGEAR has been developed specifically to ensure excellent lubricant performance in dredging equipment to ensure the applications are both operational and compliant with with VIDA/VGP.

PANOLIN MARGEAR designed for the Dredging Industry

PANOLIN MARGEAR has been specifically formulated to withstand the extreme conditions regularly seen in marine operations. Based on fully saturated synthetic esters with additives carefully chosen to perform specific functions in marine applications, PANOLIN MARGEAR is an outstanding lubricant of choice for gear systems.

MARGEAR provides increased performance as follows:

• High thermal stability
• Shear stability
• Hydrolytic stability
• Excellent oxidation stability
• Outstanding wear protection
• Extreme corrosion protection

The above factors are extremely important for lubricants within the dredging industry. Furthermore, in an industry where vessels are utilized all year round in extreme environments, the need for functioning equipment is imperative. By utilizing PANOLIN MARGEAR, customers are provided with economic benefits due to the extremely long oil-change intervals resulting in reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Environmentally Certified and OEM Approved
PANOLIN MARGEAR has been trusted by key OEMs, gaining a plethora of approvals due to its outstanding anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties and has been successfully used in a variety of applications including, but not limited to:

• Gearboxes
• Roller Bearings
• Propulsion systems including Bow Thrusters, Azipod Thrusters, Azimuth Thrusters
• CPPs
• And many more

With US EPA VGP 2013 compliance and the EU Ecolabel Certification, PANOLIN MARGEAR provides vessel owners with best-in-class environmental credentials and technical performance.

Source: Dredgewire September 29, 2022, www.dredgewire.com/
Article: Dredgewire