PANOLIN and sustainability

Whenever sustainability is discussed, the United Nations' protocols on the implementation of the Framework Convention on Climate Change are on all lips. The call to cut CO2 emissions is, and will remain, an urgent issue.

As a global market leader in organic oils, PANOLIN has attached great importance to the environmentally friendly management of resources and resultant sustainability for decades. This thinking lies behind the launch of PANOLIN's sustainable "GREENMACHINE" concept symbolized by a green CO2 footprint that is based on the needs-oriented use of PANOLIN's broad range of lubricants.


The CO2 footprint refers to total carbon-dioxide emissions generated by an activity, directly or indirectly, calculated across the product or machine lifecycles. How big is your machine's footprint? To the calculator


PANOLIN transforms your machine into a GREENMACHINE

PANOLIN has supported environmental protection for the past 25 years. Help us to reduce CO2 emissions! 


CO2 emissions calculator