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Lubrifiant synthétique pour tubes d’étambot, biodégradable.
Applications : tubes d’étambot conformément aux exigences de l’EPA pour lubrifiants marins.
Biodégradabilité : Écolabel européen. EN 16807, RINA, Green Plus - VGP (Vessel General Permit) de l’EPA 2013.

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ABS Type Approval.
James Walker.
SKF Blohm + Voss Industries.
Versitec-Marine - Vanguard Seals.
Wärtsilä Bio-Seals.

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Lubricants to the Marine Industry

When the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the Vessel General Permit (VGP) in 2013, a new chapter for PANOLIN began. PANOLIN decided to make the issue of pollution in the seas and oceans to a priority. Even the EU, who historically advocated more environmentally friendly activities in this area, is far behind the USA in its progress.

Globally, water is the most important basic means of sustenance. Pollution of this essential resource is caused almost exclusively by water-based vehicles and from propeller grease, chain or cable lubricants and many other similar components. The U.S. legislation stipulates that all vessels are required to use environmentally compatible lubricants in all parts of the ship that encounter water. Additionally, this legislation applies to all vessels measuring 24 meters or larger which navigate in American waters at three miles from the coast as well as on all American lakes.

There are numerous systems and components in the underwater portion of a vessel affected by this new legislation, such as: the propeller shaft seal, the mechanics in the variable pitch propeller, bow thruster, rudder spindle, pod propulsion and the stabilizers in the machinery of underwater diggers. The lubricants used for all these parts must be «environmentally acceptable lubricants» (EALs), must be quickly biodegradable, may only be minimally toxic and must not be subject to bioaccumulation.

PANOLIN, developed a complete product line which is available in the most important harbors around the world. Because of its pro-
active approach and more than 30 years' experience with quickly biodegradable lubricants, PANOLIN is now in the forefront of this market.

The marine lubricants which are produced by PANOLIN are all certified as ecofriendly. As manufacturer of EALs, PANOLIN attaches great importance on the effects that PANOLIN products have on the environment. Our products are made, meeting highest requirement as far as both eco friendliness and top performance are concerned. PANOLIN marine lubricants are primarily used in the realms of heavy duty in all types of vessels, combining high performance and ecology at the same time.

Using Lubricants in the Sea

All PANOLIN marine lubricants are labelled with national or international environment certificates. Regarding the United States, our EALs are proud to be certified as ecofriendly by the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA. On top of that, PANOLIN marine lubricants are proven to be biodegradable meaning that they will not have a damaging impact on the marine ecosystem. Both fish and plants are not being harmed in a critical incident of, for example, leakages.

More recently, in January this year, the IMO Polar Code came into force, stating that 'discharge into the sea of oil or oily mixtures from any ship are prohibited', as are chemicals, sewage and garbage, unless meeting stringent controls. Ballast water is also subject to controls to minimize the risk of transfer of invasive species. In keeping with the spirit of the Polar Code, vessel owners must reconsider their use of the current, non-biodegradable, toxic, mineral-based lubricants that contain heavy metals and leave oil slicks. Top-tier fully saturated synthetic ester-based lubricants, such as PANOLIN offers, exhibit very good thermal oxidation resistance and shear stability, have excellent additive solubility and low temperature characteristics, and they meet all the current environmental requirements. With their long performance life and consistency of properties, PANOLIN's fully saturated synthetic esters reduce operational costs by reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing equipment performance and life - and ensure critical pieces of safety equipment are fully operational should the worst happen, in the worst of conditions.

Both biodegradability and environmental acceptability are due to the unique composition of PANOLIN marine lubricants. PANOLIN primarily use synthetic esters, nontoxic components, and environmental considerate material to produce the EALs. Consequently, the biodegradability of PANOLIN marine lubricants is scientifically proven by the OECD 301B test This test states that more than 60% of PANOLIN marine lubricants is biodegraded within 28 days, PANOLIN exceeds this result by far.

Finding a Reliable Marine Lubricant Supplier

Not every lubricant manufacturer is going to carry marine lubricants. Many of them will only carry a select few to find a continuous supplier of marine lubricants that allows them to order. It is important to become familiar with what works best for each type of equipment and get the best marine lubricants that are offered. PANOLIN has large warehouses in over two dozen harbors around the world so that PANOLIN can supply the customers with the appropriate products before they set sail. While numerous EALs on the market are struggling with problems today, PANOLIN has now filled over 350 ships. PANOLIN STELLA MARIS and other lubricants are used in various applications and to this day PANOLIN have not received one single complaint!

Today, the company supplies a range of blue-chip operators including Maersk Line, V Ships, Gener8 and Zim and also provides specialist luboils for dredging majors and ferry operators including Boskalis, DEME, Jan de Nul, Van Oord, Saipem, BC Ferries and the Texas Department of Transportation.