Offshore - PANOLIN at OTC

09. 05. 2012 - OCT Offshore Technology Conference, Houston TX, US

The OTC is the world's premier event for the development of offshore resources in the field of drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection. Additionally it is one of the main platforms, where the industry comes together to solve problems, conduct business and enlarges their network.

PANOLIN has been part of this exhibition for the fourth consecutive time. This not at least because we recognize a trend more and more in the direction of using BIODEGRADABLE, NON TOXIC AND HIGH PERFORMING lubricants in this market since machinery and equipment in this industry is operating in very delicate environments. PANOLIN with its over 30 years of experience, developing and manufacturing such HIGH PERFORMING, BIODEGRADABLE AND NON TOXIC lubricants is a known and appreciated name in the world of the Offshore industry.