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PANOLIN produces most products at its own production facility in Madetswil. Until just a few years ago, every drop of PANOLIN lubricant was made in Madetswil. But as business expanded worldwide, it became necessary to manufacture certain products closer to our customers. Based on our philosophy of "Local Blending for Local Market", we set up a system to ensure faster, more efficient production in the respective markets – in the USA for the American market, for example.

PANOLIN high performance lubricants


A huge amount of know-how goes into ensuring fast, reliable and consistently high-quality production operations.

There are no coupling stations or external tanks at PANOLIN. All our tanks are insulated and stored indoors, in a heated environment. The components (base oils, additives) are transported to the blending tanks separately via a fixed, color-marked system of pipes.

PANOLIN computer aided lubricant production

CAP computer aided production

Our CAP system tells us the right mixing times and when to stop for check-up sampling, looks after batch management and ensures retraceability, etc.
To ensure absolute plant safety and dependability, we have a foolproof backup concept.

PANOLIN lubricant filling line

TQM (Total Quality Management)

Wherever PANOLIN filling operations are in progress, our TQM (Total Quality Management) ensures that you can depend on the PANOLIN brand name, no matter where in the world you use PANOLIN products.

PANOLIN oil filling stations

Filling stations

Checked and labeled, the drums are transported to calibrated weighing platforms on roller conveyors.

Small drums, cans, barrels and containers are filled at different filling stations. Lubricating greases are filled at separate stations. Tanker trains are docked and loaded outside.

PANOLIN production of high performance lubricants

Ultra-fine filtration before filling

Certain products pass through a high-performance filter system before filling. ISO 4406 prescribes minimum purity classes for lubricants used in modern hydraulic systems. Ultra-fine filtration has been part of our processes for years.