PANOLIN SPRINT - PANOLIN expands its range of biohydraulic oils

«Environment friendly hydraulic oils to become standard»

Madetswil, 22.08.2019 - PANOLIN, the worldwide specialist for high-performance lubricants, is expanding its range of biohydraulic oils. The new product
PANOLIN SPRINT enables a cost-effective change from environmentally hazardous mineral oils to environment friendly hydraulic fluids. This supports the PANOLIN mission to produce biodegradable hydraulic oils according to the global standard.

PANOLIN is known worldwide as a pioneer for environment friendly lubricants. Since 1983 PANOLIN has been developing high-performance hydraulic oils that, in addition to excellent performance characteristics, are also biodegradable according to international standards (OECD). Long discussions about the problem of oil leaks with users working in an environmentally sensitive environment led PANOLIN to develop a solution to this problem. After an intensive development period, the PANOLIN HLP SYNTH solution was found. Constant development and close cooperation with users have led to worldwide success.

Bio-hydraulic oils as worldwide standard
«Today it is no longer enough to bring a product to market that is environmentally friendly. The new product must meet or even exceed the high demands of consumers, and guarantee cost effectiveness. With PANOLIN SPRINT we can now comply with these premium requirements at an affordable price», Tim Lämmle, Vice President of PANOLIN International Inc, explains to the media.

The quality of PANOLIN organic oils has found global recognition, which is reflected in the numerous manufacturer approvals and eco-labels. The technically leading hydraulic oil PANOLIN HLP SYNTH is formulated on the basis of saturated esters and allows a 5 to 10 times longer service life than a hydraulic oil based on mineral oil. This increases its cost effectiveness. The long-term use of PANOLIN products brings companies considerable cost savings. At the same time, customers know that the environment is optimally protected in the event of any leak.

The positive experiences and the numerous customer feedbacks from various industries worldwide have furthered our mission: «PANOLIN makes environmentally friendly high-performance lubricants the global standard».
This vision is supported by society and regulators, because it has been recognized that our actions in the present and future must have only minimal effects on our environment.

Entry into the «bio world»
The new PANOLIN SPRINT provides a cost-effective introduction to the use of high-performance bio-hydraulic oils. While the well-known and proven PANOLIN HLP SYNTH is designed for a long service life, PANOLIN SPRINT is designed for the same use, but not for the same service life. In contrast to the "marathon runner" PANOLIN HLP SYNTH, PANOLIN SPRINT is rather the "short distance sprinter".

PANOLIN SPRINT is designed as an entry-level product and makes it easier for users to invest in the «organic world». PANOLIN SPRINT is quickly biodegradable and 100% compatible with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH. An upgrade is therefore possible at any time, which is not usual with bio oils otherwise.

PANOLIN bio-oils have been helping to save our environment for 35 years. Thanks to the extended oil change intervals, these highly developed lubricants make an active contribution to resource conservation and CO2 reduction. This is not only good for the environment, but also increases cost effectiveness for the user. PANOLIN knows that only products that are cost effective, technically mature and environmentally friendly will prevail.