Core Competence Bio Lubricants

Environmentally friendly lubricants have been part of our core competence for years!

Our rapidly biodegradable lubricants (ECL = Environmentally Considerate Lubricants) are being used in more and more areas with great success.


PANOLIN triangle: Environmental protection - Technology - Economy

Our credo

Environmental protection - Technology - Economy

The magic triangle unites all three factors under one roof. Thus PANOLIN ECLs are technologically mature, economically interesting and environmentally friendly.

The aim of the environmentally considerate PANOLIN lubricants is to use machines and equipment in the most environmentally friendly way possible and to do so with the highest technical safety and the best economy.

Rapid biodegradability, CO2 reduction and resource conservation thanks to long-term use are important elements of our sustainable concept.

With our rapidly biodegradable products, we have demonstrated our innovative strength and created a new category of lubricants around 35 years ago. Our environmentally friendly developments are internationally recognized, as the following numerous national and international eco-labels clearly demonstrate.


PANOLIN's biodegradable high performance lubricants

Eco Labels

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