PANOLIN Tec Center

The PANOLIN Tec Center is an all-round center of excellence for lubricants, providing consulting, lab services and research & development. In addition to routine work such as quality checks, product formulations and selection of raw materials, oil analysis is one of the most important services provided by our Tec Center.

The market demands ever higher performing lubricants. Our experts constantly strive to meet these market requirements and are committed to creating and implementing innovative ideas. Our priority: to combine cost-effectiveness, technological progress and care for the environment in all new developments.

You can rely on our center of excellence to meet all your lubricant needs:

  • Choice of premium raw materials
  • Formulations
  • Product developments
  • Quality assurance
  • Analysis of customer samples



We bring our accumulated know-how and long-standing experience to bear in finding effective, practical solutions for you.
Our technical resources include a vast array of specialist literature, operating manuals and quality compatibility data. The requisite documentation is already available for all our products. Having our own lab ensures that we have specialists at hand, ready to provide competent, comprehensive advice to our customers.

Lab services

Our lab specialists monitor our production processes to control the quality of our end products. In addition to this essential task, we also carry out product lifetime checks, perform routine analyses and decipher complex chemical formulae. We receive a growing number of requests for customized lubricants for special applications.

Research & development

Close market contact and first-hand knowledge of customer needs, economic constraints and environmental requirements provide a fertile breeding ground for new ideas. Developing these ideas to market maturity is the core competence of our laboratory specialists. Bright minds, a wide variety of ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment provide the basis for developing new and innovative lubricants. From start to finish, the development process can take anything up to a year, followed by rigorous field trials to assess practical performance. Our commitment to new development goes hand in hand with the ongoing improvement of existing products.

Oil analysis

We analyze samples of used oil from our customers at our own lab in Madetswil (CH). During this process, we examine the quality of the oil and compile a report of the results.

The PANOLIN Tec Center lab offers the following types of oil examination:

  • Individual examinations
  • Series examinations
  • Continuing examinations
  • Examinations for external reports

We use a traffic light system to indicate the quality of the sample at a glance. If the quality is sub-optimal, we recommend a course of action. Example of an oil report: Sample




PANOLIN bio lubricants

Oil analysis has many important benefits:

  • Answers to unsolved questions
  • Safety through control
  • Preventive care to avoid machine and system failures
  • Greater economy
  • Cost savings

Research & development

At the PANOLIN Tec Center lab, an experienced team works on new products and the further development of existing products. The lab operates in close consultation with the customer to improve lubricant energy, process and cost efficiency, or come up with innovative new ideas. Do you require a lubricant with very specific characteristics? Please contact us. Our specialists will always find a solution!

Milestones in our product development

We can truly say that we have played a pioneering role in many major developments:

2012 first environmentally considerate food grade lubricants

2010 first environmentally considerate low SAPS diesel engine oil

2009 innovative semi-synthetic cooling lubricants

2007 first environmentally considerate engine oils for 4-stroke motorbikes

2000 first long-lasting industrial hydraulic oils and first low SAPS diesel engine oils

1995 first long-lasting diesel engine oils

1983 first environmentally considerate hydraulic liquids and first universal engine oil with low-friction properties

1979 first synthetic engine oil

1968 first multi-purpose hydraulic oils