ORCON - Food and Pharma

No. de réf.

Fluide hydraulique synthétique H1 sans zinc, haute performance, pour le secteur de l’alimentation humaine et animale et l’industrie pharmaceutique.
Applications : toutes celles requérant des fluides hydrauliques biodégradables provenant de ressources naturellement renouvelables (Écolabel européen EE) ou des fluides hydrauliques certifiés NSF H1, par ex. dans les moissonneuses-batteuses, etc.
Biodégrabilité : OCDE 301 B ; > 60 %. Écolabel européen.

Code de conteneur: C, F, T, KA, 5L
Niveau de performance

ISO 15'380/HEES.


NSF Kat. H1 (Reg. No. 146'647)/NSF cat. H1 reg./Enrg. NSF cat. H1.
Halal-Zertifikat/Halal certificate/certificat Halal.
Koscher-Zertifikat/Kosher certificate/Certificat cachère.
Health Kanada/Health Canada.

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DESIGNED TO PERFORM: PANOLIN food grade lubricants

Impeccable food safety and quality control is the most important part of the food manufacturing process. There are several factors that play a role in this process – one of the most important being the use of high-quality, H1 registered food grade lubricants from PANOLIN.

Health and safety are priorities for food and beverage manufacturers. Standards of cleanliness and hygiene are as important as in hospital operating rooms. But when it comes to production equipment, lubrication keeps the business of feeding on track. Food grade or incidental contact lubricants are precisely formulated to comply with strict regulatory limitations. This means that base oils, thickeners and performance additives are measured and controlled to a fraction of a percent in overall formulations. This is critical because on occasion even with extreme care and due diligence, transfer of trace amounts of lubricant to a food contact surface, food packaging or the food itself may occur. Under this scenario, a processor must make difficult decisions about the safety of its product and whether to deem it unfit for distribution. Rarely are the available options desirable – product disposal, destruction or, in the worst case, recall. Using food grade lubricants from PANOLIN offers processors much better odds of avoiding such costly mistakes.

PANOLIN only offers H1 category, that meets the strictest standards when it comes down to such lubricants. The H1 products from PANOLIN are manufactured primarily for use in non- food contact areas. Also, they are HALAL and KOSHER certified. It's important to note that food grade lubricants have been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the US-Food and Drug Administration (FDA) making them safe for most applications involving food production.

PANOLIN products have been designed to meet the highest food industry safety standards. In fact, PANOLIN products do more than protect the equipment from extreme temperature, contamination and intensive cleaning – they help reduce downtime, streamline inventory and, ultimately, save time and money.

The H1 food grade lubricant is one that is commonly used when there is a reasonable chance of incidental food contact. With PANOLIN food grade lubricants, you can rely on high performance products. Meeting H1 requirements, our lubricants can be used for the production in the food, pharma, and animal feed industries. As fully synthetic products, the lubricants are biodegradable, too, placing an emphasis on environmental protection. What's more, they are durable so that the change of the lubricants is less often necessary than with comparable lubricants. PANOLIN products perform, protect and save money by reducing downtime and improved reliability.

A PANOLIN food grade lubricant is highly effective, boosting the efficiency of every production, with great performance, enormous longevity and extends the life of commercial equipment. PANOLIN: Performance, longevity and high quality concentrated in one product. On top of that, PANOLIN food grade lubricants are both halal and kosher.