Hydropower - Gear Oils

No. de réf.

Huile de transmission synthétique, haute performance et respectueuse de l’environnement (ECL) pour entraînements industriels, paliers lisses et à roulement.
Biodégradabilité: OCDE 301 F; > 60% (27320, 27330 read across).
VGP (Vessel General Permit) de l’EPA 2013.

Code de conteneur: C, F, T, KA
Niveau de performance


DIN 51 517-3/CLP (Norm für Mineralöl/norm for mineral oil/norme huile minérale).

FZG Test A 16.6/ 140 12. Laststufe


Brevini Power Transmission.
Italtractor ITM SpA.
Rolls-Royce Marine AS - Brattvaag Deck Machinery. ZF TE-ML 04M (27325, 27330), ZF TE-ML 04Q (27330)

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Run better, longer and cleaner: Boost Your Machine's Performance with PANOLIN Gear Oil

The gears of modern vehicles are subjected to enormous stresses. If the oil is not up to the task, this can result in costly damage. Gearbox oils from PANOLIN meet even the most extreme requirements. They reduce wear and ensure good friction behavior as well as optimum viscosity, even under high temperatures to maximize your gear's service life. PANOLIN helps customer to develop a personalized lubrication plan, to help reduce unscheduled downtime, optimize production time and in turn, maximize profitability. Changing the gear oil is doubtlessly one of the most critical aspects of maintaining the performance of a client's machinery. Manufacturers and experts recommend a change of the gear oil after a heavy-duty engine has covered a certain lifetime. PANOLIN's gear oil are lubricants made especially for all kinds of heavy-duty machinery. Choosing the right product is crucial. Regardless of its type, the heavy-duty equipment will always profit from the longevity of the oils, supporting its performance.

Gear Oil in Industrial Gearboxes

The performance of heavy-duty equipment is based on the smooth functioning of the machinery. The gear oil lubricates the gear components, so they are frictionless to deliver the desired performance. PANOLIN gear oils work by ensuring that the transmission and transfer cases occur smoothly without clogging or breaking. It can be used in all heavy-duty equipment such as cranes, trains, or harvesters. Proper gearbox lubrication means that minimal force is needed to change the gears. When this is working optimally, the equipment delivers a seamless operating experience. Using PANOLIN gear oil ensures that all gear parts work efficiently.

Oil drain intervals can differ in individual heavy-duty vehicles. The PANOLIN fully synthetic gear oil, optimizes the oil drain interval, since it is proven to last longer than most gear oils on the market.

PANOLIN Gear Oils Helps to Cut Costs Thanks to Longevity

Gear oils help to lubricate the gearbox components, ensuring that they work efficiently. Using PANOLIN's high-quality gear oils guarantees that the gearbox parts are maintained in the top condition. As such, avoidable wear and tear instances are prevented. Therefore, there are no unnecessary damages to the gearbox components. It sure is in the best interest of any entrepreneur to keep the maintenance costs of their vehicles as low as possible, considering that replacing the damaged gear components is generally a costly undertaking. Using PANOLIN gear oils, on the other hand, effectively prevents you from tremendous costs caused by replacing broken parts or the entire gearbox. In a nutshell, investing in PANOLIN gear oils means investing in longevity. Overhaul costs are expensive—maximizing the life of equipment components and in turn, production time is significant to lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

PANOLIN Manufactures Environmentally-Friendly Gear Oils of Top Quality

PANOLIN gear oils contribute to the conservation of the environment and energy. Gear oils lubricate the transmission components so that the transmission shifts efficiently. The efficient transmission aids in saving energy, since all the elements are in the optimum condition. When the gear system is adequately lubricated, the fuel-efficiency of the engine is optimized. Put differently, using high-quality gear oils from PANOLIN boost fuel efficiency, thereby contributing to the efforts of conserving the environment.